The LucoLoader will facilitate all your HDL Loads.

Data Loading Tool

The LucoLoader utility is a data loading tool that leverages the existing Oracle HCM data loader technology. It simplifies and boosts all data creation and maintenance activities.

Excel User Interface

Microsoft Excel has always been the accountant's tool of choice for reviewing and manipulating data, it is used extensively in many organizations and users are familiar with the look-and-feel. It naturally became the LucoLoader client User Interface.

Fully Integrated

The LucoLoader is directly connected to the Oracle HCM environments to always provide a real time experience to the end user.


The LucoLoader will boost all your Oracle HDL Load activities.


  • The LucoLoader reduces dependency on IT specialist resources and empowers end users to create and maintain any HDL supported data.

  • Microsoft Excel is the only client's application needed which makes it easy to learn and accessible to a large audience.

  • By leveraging Microsoft Operating System multi processing capabilities it can validate and submit large amounts of data to any HCM environment in a couple of minutes.


  • The LucoLoader covers all current and future delivered Oracle HDL templates as well as special processing such as Merge, Delete and Propagation.

  • It anticipates HDL errors by validating information against pre-defined and custom business rules prior to loading.

  • Validation is always performed on real time data.

  • It simplifies the Error tracking and makes it understandable to the end users.

  • It leverages the Global Oracle HCM Security model.


  • The LucoLoader easily allows end users to custom, save, re-use and share templates.

  • It is always up to date. New dimensions such as flex fields can be integrated in real time to any existing or new templates.

  • It embeds optional mapping functionalities to convert source system values to any existing Oracle HCM target values.

  • It allows companies to add their own additional validation logic to enhance the error tracking.

Time & Cost Saving

  • The LucoLoader installation and roll out is very simple.

  • It allows companies to rapidly automate their loading activities and accelerate their data integration strategy planning.


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